April 17, 2008


My friend Liana left today to Spain... We had a great time in the sun and warmth... She took the sun with her, though.. But we'll have it back in California.... TOMORROW... YAYYY!!!!
Please be sure to check in on my California blog: Rockin' in Cali!
I'll still be posting from time to time on News From France, too...

Hasta la vista todos!!


alisa in Los Angeles said...

I'm in LA....I hope the weather holds out - the forecast says drizzle this weekend. Not sure where you are in LA. I live in Marina del rey, close to the beach, so we get the fog in the morning. But, can't beat California. I'm sure I'll be missing the weather when we move to France in October. Enjoy!!!

The Lehners in France said...

Have a great holiday. It's forecast rain here for the next week! I'm slightly jealous. Debs

Leesa said...

Hi Alisa,

Woke up this a.m. and it's overcast and cool... Feels like France weather now!! hmmmm... We'll be going to San Diego tomorrow and it's usually about 10 cooler than L.A. Take care... Leesa

Hi Debs,

I hope the warm weather sticks here 'cuz now it's more like our Ile-de-France weather this a.m. (Sunday). I'll keep you guys posted on my California blog... Rockin' in Cali
Take care, Leesa