April 13, 2008

Rockin' In Cali! blog...

Hi Everyone....

Hope ya'll had a nice weekend! We're getting ready for our trip - just packed a bunch of wine
to bring to friends, chocolates from Jeff de Bruges, tea, jams, honey, sauces... oh la la... C'est un peu trop, je trouve... Mais bon.. on voit pas tout le temps la famille et les amis! Our suitcase will be filled with mostly stuff that will be given away to people so we will have TONS of room to bring stuff back... ALL the stuff we have been craving... I have to admit that Alex is just as bad as I am ... and he is FRENCH!!! What I mean is that the last 4 times he was in the U.S. with me... we both did an equal amount of shopping!! I think we were both a couple of shop-a-hols! Anyhow, it will be fun... I am looking forward to the Thai lettuce wraps at the Cheesecake family and maybe a sinfin few bites of a Kalua cheesecake... since the one I made for Alex's b-day in Dec. was salty!! We'll see... good thing the gym in close to my dad's place in L.A. I already have all my spin and yoga classes worked into the schedule and I will also be walking by the ocean every a.m. at around 5:30 am with my friend, Shelly... Just like we did everyday in June- August '06 before I moved to France! Can't wait!! YAHHHOOOOO!!!! Click on the line below:
 the NEW BLOG... Rockin' in Cali! I haven't written anything in it yet.. but PLEASE feel free to stop by after next week and check out my adventures... I won't be posting on my blog, News From France very often... maybe a few here and there... So please follow me over to California... Where it was 86 F in San Diego yesterday and 96 F in LA!!! Yowsa!!
                                  Seal photo courtesy of Bob Francella, a friend in San Diego.

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