May 26, 2008

If I had a sister, it would be HER!!!!

This is my ALL-TIME favourite dog- a soft-coated wheaten terrier!  My fav. dog, Penny, in San Diego, is one!  Whenever I go to visit Penny at La Pensione in Little Italy, I always say we have the same hair sytle!!!  These dogs are sooo sweet and have a great temperment!  As soon as Alex and I get a house, we will get one!


barbara said...

How cute :)
I think that you are a terrier type person; upbeat & sporty. Terriers are action dogs.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Penny, the pensione puppy, what about German shepherds? They're the best! And here in Tirana, Albania, we love German shepherd dogs. You know, Leesa (by the way, nice to meet you - love your blog), a long-haired shepherd would match your Lady of Shalott locks. When I start my blog called albaniangypsyforever2, please stop by.
Yours - Tonishkje M.

Leesa said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks... My favorite dogs!! I agree, their personality fits mine to a T! Have a nice day... Leesa

Hi Thonishkje,

Welcome to my blog... I think German shepards are great dogs,too.. But these terriers are just a bit smaller! Anyhow.. Are you in Albania right now- 'cuz my blog viewer only shows San Diego, Ca and not Albania!! Hmmmmm.... Sounds fishy... Nice try- GARY- but I can sense you a mile away.. Plus, if you were really from Albania, you're English would be slightly different!!! Gig's up, Gary but thanks for writing... I think you should write a book, by the way!!- Leese