May 25, 2008

Uttanasana- Standing Forward Bend

Oh, it feels so good to do yoga! I used to do this pose with great ease but ever since I injured my back, my yoga practice is much more constrained and limited. However, this doesn't stop me from doing what I can, I respect my body and it's changes/limits. I recognize that I am working under different conditions. It's important for us to respect and follow our body as it talks to us!

2 comments: said...

I miss yoga. Here in Toulouse there are yoga studios but i don't see it much as part of a gym's group exercise schedule. My gym has 4 locations and not one yoga class. There are a few pilates and stretching classes but no yoga. While I could never do that position, I still enjoyed doing yoga.

joy suzanne said...

Namaste, Lisa!

It's the biggest challenge, right? Accepting the limitations of our bodies. I'm working on that, too. Trying to stop injuring myself in my mad zeal to do crazy-strong or crazy-contortionist stuff.

It's actually all about the breath!